Road Safety Week 20-26 May

This year, for Road Safety Week we are celebrating our Road Safety Heroes, those people who help to make our roads safer.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Browns Bay School to acknowledge our Road Safety Heroes, such as the Road Patrol students,

parents, teachers and administration staff who help teach our students about road safety.

At home please take a moment to speak to your children about this important information. While using sustainable transport to get to school please:

● Wear bright clothing, to be easily seen! When you are walking or riding on or near the roads wear something bright. You could wear a high vis vest or bright bag.

● Use the road crossing when you are near Browns Bay School. Make sure you STOP, LOOK and LISTEN before you walk across the road.

● Buckle up, you need to be 148cm before you can sit in a regular car seat. If you are less than 148cm tall, make sure you use a booster seat.

● Watch out for sneaky driveways. Make sure you look and listen out for cars as you walk past driveways that have bad visibility.

● Don’t play with toys or balls while walking alongside a road. Hold onto them, or better still keep them in your bag. If your toy or ball does fall down don’t go after it!