The Board of Trustees sets policy for the school to follow. The policy's listed below are specific policies that may be

of interest to the community.

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Concerns and Complaints Policy

Any concerns that arise should be addressed at an early opportunity rather than being allowed to develop into problems. Staff are always willing to discuss any concerns and to try to arrive at a solution.Property Policy

To provide a well maintained, safe, attractive and functional learning environment

Health and Safety Policy

To comply with the relevant health and safety legislation, regulations, approved Codes of Practice and NZ Standards 

in an effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for all workers, students, contractors and visitors.

Curriculum Policy

To ensure delivery of the curriculum in such a way as to enhance children's learning.Food and Nutrition Policy

To promote a healthy lifestyle to our community - students, staff and families - as part of our commitment to a 

safe school environment.

Child Protection Policy

To promote that the safety and interests of the child is paramount.

Privacy Policy

To promote and protect individual privacy in regard to collection, use and disclosure of information relating to individuals and the access by each individual to information relating to that individual held by the school.