We welcome you and your family to our school and our North Shore primary schools’ community.

All children residing in the defined geographic zone, where the required documentation for enrolment can be provided, will be offered a place at our North Shore school.  Please check if your street address is located within the defined zone. For International Student enrolments please go to our International Student section.

Parents need to be aware that if they move to an out of zone address any children already attending Browns Bay School will be able to remain at the school, however,  any siblings will not be eligible to attend Browns Bay School.

All enrolments are to be completed online.

It is important that New Entrant Enrolments are completed by 20 September of the year before the child turns 5.

The office will contact you to confirm receipt of your enrolment application and school information will be emailed out to you. If you haven't heard from us after 10 working days please phone the school office on 4794301 extn 2 or email bbs@brownsbay.school.nz 

Enrolment Application

Please follow the link below to complete an online enrolment - Please note you will need documentation scanned ready to upload to complete the online enrolment.  

Documentation Required Prior to Enrolment


You will need to use the school code 1237

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