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Splash Polo (Flippa Ball) 2021

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Splash Polo (Flippaball) is a junior form of waterpolo and is available for Y4 - Y6 children. It is played at the Millennium Centre (deeper water 1.2 -1.3m depth) The games are played on a Sunday afternoon. 

Players must be confident in the water. 

The League is run by North Harbour Waterpolo (for more info refer to the website) http://www.northharbourwaterpolo.co.nz/ 

Children play in the Flippball league Y4, Y5 & Y6

It is divided into 2 semesters corresponding with school term times ( Terms 1&2 and Terms 3&4). 

Term 1 & 2 competition commences Sunday 21st February - 11th April (no games Easter) for the 1st term, and Sunday 9th May - 4th July for the 2nd term. No gear is required, apart from their own swimming togs. 

Game times run between 1pm - 7pm.

Parents are needed as coaches and managers. Teams must have a coach and or a manager to be able to register.  

Splash Polo (Flippaball) League teams are organised based on experience/ability at the start of each semester and are very dependant on the numbers that register. If required, a trial will be held.

If your child is interested in playing Splash Polo (Flippaball) please read the information link before you complete the online registration form.

Term 3 & 4 competition commences Sunday 1st August - 26th September(no game 15th August) for Term 3. No gear is required, apart from their own swimming togs. 

All children must be confident in deep water, eg: Swim 25m, confident in deep water. The pool depth is 1.2m to 1.3m.

Registrations for Term 3 & 4 are now open for Terms 2 & 3 register below

  ​​​​Year 4 - 6 Information & Registration Terms 3 & 4                          

Remember to always play fair ...... Click here to see the fair play code of conduct that we expect at BBS! 

Fair Play Code of Conduct

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