For Offical and Accurate school zone information please go to the following website

For the most accurate results, you should select "address" as the search method, then put in your address details and the schools will come up, rather than selecting the school. 


 BBS School’s home zone comprises (taking in both sides of all roads mentioned except where specified):

  • from the coastline through the line of 115 Churchill Road to the intersection of Churchill Road and Montgomery Road;
  • west along Montgomery Road to Beach Road;
  • Knights Road and Browns Bay Road to the intersection with East Coast Road;
  • East Coast Road to Arran Road - 616 to 646 on the western side of East Coast Road and 525 to 559 on the eastern side of East Coast Road;
  • passing down Arran Road until the intersection with Nigel Road and there on to the intersection with Glencoe Road (1 – 43 Glencoe Road only);
  • from there to the Sherwood Reserve/Freyberg Park boundary and following the stream northwards between Stapleford Crescent and Woodlands Crescent and looping around Branston and Wilkinson Way to the intersection of Woodlands Crescent with Carlisle Road;1 – 15 Carlisle Road, up to 831 Beach Road to Valley Road and Manly Esplanade directly to the coast.


Below is a map of our school zone that should be used as a GUIDE ONLY


  • zone-map.jpg