At BBS we are on a journey to caring for our environment. We are conscious of the waste we produce and have put steps in place to help reduce it. Our compost system has been running for a number of years now. We have two large compost bins where some of our food waste goes. We also recycle paper and plastic. A goal we are working towards is to reduce our waste even further. 

BBS has several vegetable gardens around the school. A weekly gardening group has been formed where students are involved in a range of learning opportunities. The idea that food can be grown from a tiny seed has been an exciting realisation and we look forward to eating our produce! Caring for the garden has been teaching us skills such as responsibility and respect. Overtime, we will explore other factors in the environment for example what part do birds, bees and insects play, what do we do with the food when its ready to be harvested etc.

BBS is striving to take an active role in caring for our school environment and the earth. 

Planting Plan