Bikes and Scooters

Children in Year 5 and 6 are required to have a bike license with a completed consent form from parents or caregivers to ride independently. (Forms are available from the school office). 

Without a license or for younger year levels, children are required to be accompanied by a parent or caregiver to and/or from school. When registering and obtaining consent from our school, children will be provided with 1 High Visibility vest for their safety.

Rules and recommendations

·         All bike license rules must be adhered to.

·         Closed shoes, high visibility vests and helmets must be worn.

·         Scooters and bikes should not be ridden in school grounds after 8.30am and before 3.30pm.

·         Bikes and scooters must be walked across the crossings and into school grounds

·         Bikes and scooters must be parked in the bike and scooter shed which is locked throughout the day.

·         Students should only enter the shed area to park or collect their own bike or scooter.

Scooter Safety Flyer


Park and Walk

We highly recommend reducing traffic congestion around the school and encouraging exercise amongst the children therefore we have designated 3 drop points carefully chosen to avoid roads and utilize one zebra crossing point where need be.  This is also supports road safety and encourages carpooling with friend and neighbours.

park and walk.jpg