Vision for the future



Thinking is developing critical, creative and reflective thought processing skills. The objective is to support students to become independent learners in a meaningful context.

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At Browns Bay School we  ...

·         Foster a critical spirit in each student

·         Encourage positive attitudes towards inquiry

·         Ensure students are equipped with and use the right skills at the right time

·         Help students to construct new knowledge

The focus areas to achieve a critical spirit within our school are ...


Foster curiosity, risk taking, open mindedness, respect and perseverance.


Explicitly teach: active listening, reasoned decision making, critical, reflective, creative thinking, researching and working co-operatively.


Address knowledge through deliberate teaching of content and skills. Build on students’ prior knowledge. Create, value and apply new knowledge.


Maintain an environment that encourages: student voice, structure and flexibility, scaffold learning and challenge.