Vision for the future



Relationships are important.  We value the need to model positive and constructive relationships, realizing that relationships are dynamic and need to be continually worked on.

This helps to develop a sense of belonging and…‘foster a love of learning'. It is a working partnership between: Colleagues, Students, Parents and the Community.


Within our school community we ...

Are honest, sincere, caring and respectful

o   Learn to value ‘others’ and develop their social skills through the BBS Values programme

Are passionate, positive and optimistic

o   Generate excitement for lifelong learning

Acknowledge expertise, effort, progress and achievement

o   Use praise and encouragement

Understand ‘Student Worlds’

o   Peer, Work, Sport, Church, Extra-Curricular, Family, Culture, School, E-space

o   Show an interest in and be tolerant of each other

Participate with students and give of ourselves

o   Be involved in ‘the school life’; show a ‘can do attitude’ and take part

Are consistent, keep our word and are fair

o   Have firm expectations and follow through to build trust

Are patient and we persevere

o   Remain positive and work together to achieve expectations