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Differentiation is doing whatever it takes to ensure that each student is able to achieve their maximum potential, regardless of their background, abilities and experiences.

We take into account a student’s ability, interests and learning preferences and differentiate the content, process and end products of our classroom program.

Differentiation is achieved by ...


Students are grouped according to: ability, social reasons, readiness, interest, learning profiles, gender and culture. (Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic)


Appropriate support and appropriate time allocation is given considering the home situation.  Individual & group goals are provided.

Varied teaching strategies

Teaching strategies include direct instruction, varied questions, scaffold learning and working with a buddy.  Regular feedback and feed forward is given.

Varied tasks & opportunities within tasks

We cater for different learning preferences, set modified tasks and offer a range of co-operative learning opportunities.


Relevant and up to date resources are selected to meet students’ abilities, stimulate interest and suit learning preferences.