Vision for the future



Co-construction is an active learning experience where we share, design and build learning together - a partnership between students, teachers and parents.

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We need to ...

Know our students                                                   

  • Value and use prior knowledge as a starting point for new learning
  • Identify passions and use them to inspire learning
  • Know how individuals learn best – cater for a variety of learning styles
  • Know personalities and student worlds


Encourage and act on student voice

  • Ensure students have a genuine say in their learning:
    what they learn,  how they learn and how they present their learning                   

Practise co-operative learning (share, design and build learning together)

  • Use a range of skills and strategies to work co-operatively and in groups
  • Ensure teachers, students and parents become genuine partners in learning
  • Encourage students and teachers to share and reflect on the learning process

Ensure student success

  • Set high expectations for every student
  • Provide direct instruction and modelling as a framework for learning
  • Focus on ‘where to next’ and ‘how to get there’