Vision for the future


Critical Spirit

What is critical spirit? What does it look like?

critical spirit.jpg


  •  Independent learners who think for themselves and are open to new ideas
  •  Developing happiness, confidence, security
  •  Sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings
  •  Deep thinking and exploring
  •  Questioning, discriminating, inquiring
  •  Trusting your own instincts, opinions, reactions and beliefs
  •  Analysing – Why? How? What?
  •  Analysing validity of source
  •  Thinking for yourself
  •  Gaining depth of meaning
  •  A thirst for knowledge
  •  Challenging, debating, justifying
  •  Perseverance
  •  Experimenting
  •  Modelling of process
  •  Editing, re-working, planning, evaluating, reflecting, synthesising
  •  Taking risks
  •  Setting goals
  •  Creating