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Assessment for Learning

Feedback Model

Teacher Feedback and Feed Forward Model - {Adapted From Gipps 1995}



Specifying attainment

Constructing achievement

A1: Stickers, ticks, class points, house points or other teacher rewards

B1: Positive oral feedback such as thats a good story, you’ve done well, great work, awesome.

C1: Specific praise using criteria which is teacher directed such as that was a good story because you wrote a good description of the characters. Well done you remembered to use capital letters.

D1: Teacher and student working together, the student makes suggestions

e.g. This is a great story, what makes it good?



Specifying improvement

Constructing the way forward

A2: Negative comments getting the student to repeat work, student sent out.

B2: Negative feedback such as you could have done better than this, the introduction is too short.

C2: Specifying what is wrong. Correction of errors, more practice given, training in self checking. Make suggestions such as you could improve your work by ... or  .... your next steps are ....

D2: Critical appraisal of work. Alternative strategies given. Suggestions rather than telling. Questioning as part of the learning process such as you need to grab the reader’s attention. How could you do this?