GOAL: For all children to come to school by sustainable transport so that no cars drop children off at our school gate.

When: Friday 24 August 2018

Dress: Trash or Treasure… come dressed up as some environmental trash or treasure or Ideas for recycling. E.g. a flower, plant or tree or a rubbish bag, newspaper or reusable bag!

How: Walk to school or use sustainable transport such as walk, bike, scooter or park ‘n walk to come to school.

What’s it about? On your way to school find a piece of trash (rubbish) and a piece of treasure (Fallen leaves, flowers, sticks, bark, things that are good for our environment).

Get involved: bring a gold coin donation to go towards our Travelwise projects.

​​ Aim: We will have two marked areas to fill with our trash and treasure… let’s see if we can clean up our environment and save it by using sustainable transport!!!