We received some amazing submissions for the FOTS Discretionary Fund in term 1 and now is your chance to take advantage of our term 2 funding round. We are accepting applications from within the school community for small school projects that need funding in terms 2-3 and are not covered by other budgets.

If you are a staff member, coach, or helper and require financial assistance for students or their activities, please download an application form here. If you have any questions, please contact Jacky Carr or the FOTS Discretionary Fund Sub-Committee:


Applications must be submitted to the school office by 3pm on Friday 14 June.


We were pleased to approve the following projects in term 1:

  • Raspberry Pi kits for the Raspberry Pi Club
  • Waterwise instructor caps
  • Funding to support Book Week
  • Compost bin murals
  • Year 0 and Year 3 sand/water play tables
  • Year 1-3 drama storage boxes