New Classrooms - Stage 1

The Building is designed as a modern learning environment (MLE).  The design is future focused and is aimed to meet the needs of students and teachers in education.

A Modern Learning Environment has three key features:

  • Flexibility
  • Openness
  • Access to resources

The new design will support our vision of Building Leaders and Learners at Browns Bay School through our key drivers:


  • Collaboration                                                                     “We go further together”   
  • Inclusion                                                                             “We are One”
  • Learner Agency                                                                  “We own our learning”
  • Responsive and Holistic Teaching and Learning            “We each do our best”


Flexibility of spaces:

The design has capacity for six classes on each floor with the Maker Space and large Break Out areas splitting the large teaching space into two areas.


The design allows for

  • Teaching Spaces  of varying sizes
  • Arts and Technology Area – Maker Space
  • Calm focus areas for sensory students and one on one teaching
  • Small Break out rooms for small groups or 1:1
  • Large break out rooms for class size groups
  • Shared collaborative working space
  • Presentation space to take 1 classroom


Special Features:

In our new design we will also have

  • Acoustic ceiling, carpets and wall coverings
  • Natural ventilation through the double doors and high windows
  • Heat Pumps in all rooms.
  • Modern ICT infrastructure
  • Shade covered outdoor learning areas
  • High Dependency Unit (HDU) on Level 1
  • Large windows for natural light and to see our amazing local landscape
  • Inbuilt furniture - storage
  • Relaxed colours and soothing patterns
  • Conservation – water reticulation, power saving
  • Amenities at each end or at one end (staff) of the building to limit traffic through classes with connection from outside.