Browns Bay School's definition of gifted and talented students is based upon Gagne’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent.


The GATE programme consists of a range of modules which offer high level thinking skills and inquiry, involving both enrichment and extension. Students are selected for these modules from a GATE talent pool. This talent pool is developed in consultation with teachers, management, psychologists and parents.The selection process is guided by data and current achievement levels including evidence of key characteristics. Browns Bay School has a referral form available for teachers which includes information about the student's academic data as well as behavioural characteristics. Students may be twice exceptional, being concurrently gifted with other learning needs. GATE also includes a mentoring programme for students that require further support.


Each term GATE offers a new module with new students selected. The selection can depend on the topic, needs and interests of the student. We also provide programmes for students who are well-beyond their peers, particularly in maths and literacy. These groups are usually run 1:1 or in small multi age groups. This work can be used to support teachers if the student completes classwork early or as a homework alternative.